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Degu’s Love Oats

Thursday, July 8th, 2010

The bulk of the Degu’s deit is Chinchilla Pellets and Hay. The Chinchilla Pellets I feed my degus have just the pellets, no extras like sunflower seeds, dried bananas or raisins. Degus can not handle sugars and fats well so nuts and fruits should not be part of their everyday diet, or they risk developing Diabetes. They really enjoy Hay and they are very happy when I put a fresh batch of hay in their cage. They probably would be content just eating their Hay and Pellets, but I am not. I really wanted to find a treat that I could give them that they would enjoy, which would help with the bonding process and selfishly fulfill my need to give my critters treats.

For the first month I had my Degus I tried to giving them many different types of treats. I tried them all from slightly thawed peas to pieces of raw sweet potatoes, but they did not enjoy any of them. They would rather eat their hay or their pellets than eat the the treats. Some of them they would not even eat. They greatly enjoy raisins and nuts, but they should not eat those regularly. I was sad that I could not give them something that enjoyed each day when I would take them out.

Some of the treats which are supposed to be good treats for Degus are:

  • Raw Sweet Potatoes
  • Raw Carrots
  • Slightly Thawed Frozen Broccoli
  • Slightly Thawed Frozen Peas
  • Fresh Green Beans

Then I tried giving them Oats. My Degu’s love oats! It’s their favorite treat and they will do just about anything for them.  

Oats are great for training Degus. I give my degus a couple oats each time they come out. Now they can’t wait to come out to play and get their oats. Chris Degu will even stand on his hind legs in order to get the oats. Aaron Degu is much more shy, but he will even come out if oats are involved.

Here is a video of me feeting my degus some oats.

Watch Video of the Degus Getting Treats

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