This blog is a blog for my two degus, Chris and Aarron Degu.

I got these degus as juveniles in October 2009 and they have been very active members of our family since.

They enjoy running in their wheel when they are awake. They will both run in the wheel at the same time, usually in the same direction. When they get tuckered out from running in their wheel all day, they will both huddle together and rest. Chris Degu is very friendly and will walk right onto your hand to let you hold him. Aarron Degu has a spazy personality and will jump around his cage like he has springs on his feet.

Their diet consist mainly of timothy pellets, and hay. They love getting Oats as treats. On special occasions they will get a nut or raisin. They do not like their vegetables, the only vegies they will eat are sweet potatoes.

They live in a Rat Manor cage I bought from PetCo. This was one of the few cages I was able to find that was all metal and had a deep enough pan in the bottom to catch all of the bedding they they throw about. It also has 4 different levels which they can run between. The one problem I had when I first got this cage was the ramps between the levels do have a tendency to fall down. Although, after a little fine tuning with some pliers this problem was fixed.

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